Service-oriented and cloud computing have made a huge impact both on
the software industry and on the research community. Today, service
and cloud technologies are applied to build large-scale software
landscapes as well as to provide single software services to end
users. Services today are independently developed and deployed as well
as freely composed while they can be implemented in a variety of
technologies, a quite important fact from a business
perspective. Similarly, cloud computing aims at enabling flexibility
by offering a centralized sharing of resources. The industry’s need
for agile and flexible software and IT systems has made cloud
computing the dominating paradigm for provisioning computational
resources in a scalable, on-demand fashion. Nevertheless, service
developers, providers, and integrators still need to create methods,
tools and techniques to support cost-effective and secure development
as well as use of dependable devices, platforms, services and
service-oriented applications in the cloud.

The European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing
(ESOCC) is the premier conference on advances in the state of the art
and practice of service-oriented computing and cloud computing in
Europe. The main objectives of this conference are to facilitate the
exchange between researchers and practitioners in the areas of
service-oriented computing and cloud computing, as well as to explore
the new trends in those areas and foster future collaborations in
Europe and beyond.