How to Participate

ESOCC 2022 is over. It was a great time. See you all next year in Cyprus!


ESOCC 2022 will be operated as an online virtual conference in the form of a BigBlueButton Session. To join the sessions click the link below. Registered participants will get a join password by email. Once registered, you are free to participate on all 3 days (workshops, main conference, tracks).

We also created a Discord server to come together and to start networking outside the conference hours. Please use the following link to join our ESOCC 2022 Discord Server:

The structure of ESOCC 2020 as an e-conference will be the following:

– In the three days of the conference (22-24 March), a (BigBlueButton) webinar will be held with the breakouts being realised via a (BigBlueButton) break out room. You will find instructions to join the ‘conference’ subroom (Breakout room 1) after joining with the above link.

– We will do the tecnical part of the sessions. We will give uploading, presentation rights to you and we will help you on technical issues.  For speakers: Please send us your presentation (PDF file format) approxametly 1 hour before your presentation starts if you want us to do the uploading for you.

During the breakouts, there will be a central room, hosting all conference attendees, in which any attendee can send either a global message to all other attendees or a private message to a certain attendee. In addition, there will be as many breakout rooms as the number of presenters of the previous session (e.g., if the session before a break had 3 presenters, 3 breakout rooms (Breakout room 2-4) apart from the global will be formulated). In case an attendee desires to discuss with one of these presenters, he/she is free to join that presenter’s break out room. This works like joining the main conference room (Breakout room 1).

Technical test session

You can test your technical setup on Friday 03/18 from 9-12 a.m. CET. Please also you the link above.



For the conference attendees, the previous general instructions hold. In addition, there are particular instructions concerning the interaction of attendees in the context of conference sessions. Within a conference session, the attendees do not have the right to interact with the presenter during a specific presentation. Once the presentation is over, the session chair will ask you to raise hands in case you desire to make questions. Then, unmute your mic to pose a question orally to the presenter. Please mute then again. Of course, as indicated above, you can have a more lively interaction with a presenter after the session is over in the presenter’s (personal) breakout room.


Presenters can be considered as normal attendees which have the privilege to present their work orally and graphically (through a powerpoint by screen sharing or uploading a PDF) during the conference in a specific session and time slot. The respective rights for the presentation are given by us in that time slot. They are taken away by us when the next presentation in the session has to take place or the session has ended (so we move to a breakout). Once the session of a presenter is over, the presenter is moved to his/her own breakout room where he/she can interact with attendees interested in his/her work.

In order to cope with cases that a bad connection can occur which hinders a presenter from presenting his/her work in the conference, the presenters are asked (but not obliged) to optionally prepare a video of the presentation and either publish it in an online service or upload it in the conference’s own storage. In the first case, the URL of the published video needs to be communicated to the conference organizers by email. In the second case, please click the following button to upload your presentation and/ or video. You will get the password by email (included in the joining information email). Please name your files like: Lastname.Surname-presentation.(pdf|mp4)

Session Chairs

Session chairs are normal attendees of the conference who obtain special privileges in the context of the session that they chair. Such privileges enable them to have total control of their session similarly to a physical conference.

The overall duration of a session is already determined in the conference programme here:

The duration of a session presentation depends on the kind of event and the type of presentation involved:

  • 30 minutes for AWACS papers (25 for core presentation and 5 for QA)
  • 25 minutes for conference papers (20 for core presentation and 5 for QA)
  • 30 minutes for Industry and Projects Track papers (25 for core presentation and 5 for QA)