Invited Speaker


Uwe Aßmann

Sniffbots to the Rescue – Fog Services for a Gas-Sniffing Immersive Robot Collective

Gas accidents frequently turn industrial or civil regions into extremely dangerous environments. Disasters like the Ahrtal flood in summer 2021 destroy infrastructures such as the gas grid and the power grid, so that people loose control and suddenly find themselves confronted with explosions, suffocation, and death. This paper presents a case study of a robot collective identifying gas leaks with a gas-sniffing sensor network, while providing immersive inspection and tele-operation in the dangerous areas for remote human operators. So-called Sniffbots work in a minimal communication infrastructure, construct world maps autonomously and use them to find gas leaks, to remotely inspect and close them. To this end, the fog of a sniffbot should offer services, such as sniff-sensor data aggregation, triangulations of points of interest, virtual reality immersion, remote gripping, world map management, as well as autonomous control of flying and driving. While this keynote discusses a prototype system still under development, the experiments show the fantastic capabilities of modern gas-sniffing sensors in an immersive robotic fog. Sniffbots, though, at this moment in time, being very expensive robot collectives, will be a very valuable aid to save the life of people in gas disasters.

Pitch Film from July 2021:

Curriculum Vitae

Uwe Aßmann holds the Chair of Software Engineering at the Technische Universität Dresden. He has obtained a PhD in compiler optimization and a habilitation on “Invasive Software Composition” (ISC), a composition technology for software snippets unifying generic, connector-, view-, and aspect-based programming for arbitrary program and modeling languages.

Since 2011, Aßmann has worked on software engineering techniques for cloud- and fog-based robotics. In 2014, he started the workshop series “Model-driven Robot Software Engineering (MORSE)”. Since 2015, his group has developed novel techniques for teaching robots by demonstration with wearables. The spin-off
provides an innovative technology for demonstration-based teaching of robotic coworkers, 10x faster than comparative methods. Aßmann’s group takes part in the TU Dresden excellence cluster “Center for Tactile
Internet (CeTI)”, working on design technqiues for robotic co-working and outdoor robotics.

Keynote Speaker

Ulf Brackmann

Vice President – Artificial Intelligence Technology, SAP

Enterprise AI and Embedded AI by SAP

SAP infuses AI natively into many business scenarios across all lines of business and all industries: tailored to business needs, enterprise-ready, and trustworthy. The keynote will cover different ways to consume and use AI in SAP applications – and how these application can add value.  

Curriculum Vitae

Ulf Brackmann graduated in Computer Sciences at the KIT and joined SAP directly after his studies. In his 16 years at SAP, he held different technology related positions in research, consulting, development and sales. Since 2016, he is part of the central AI unit at SAP. As “Vice President – Artificial Intelligence Technology” he is responsible for the development of SAP AI Business Services as well as SAP Conversational AI.