Accepted Papers

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Paper Title Authors
Testing conformance in multi-component
enterprise application management
Jacopo Soldani, Lars Luthmann, Malte Lochau and Antonio Brogi
Formalizing Event-Driven Behavior of Serverless Applications Matthew Obetz, Anirban Das, Timothy Castiglia, Stacy Patterson and Ana Milanova
Probabilistic Verification of Outsourced Computation Based on Novel Reversible PUFs Hala Hamadeh, Abdallah Almomani and Akhilesh Tyagi
Multiplayer game backends: A Comparison of
commodity cloud-based approaches
Nicos Kasenides and Nearchos Paspallis
Are Cloud Platforms Ready for Multi-Cloud? Kyriakos Kritikos, Pawel Skrzypek and Feroz Zahid
Identification of Comparison Key Elements and
their Relationships for Cloud Service Selection
Anis Ahmed Nacer, Olivier Perrin,
and Francois Charoy
Deployable Self-Contained Workflow Models Benjamin Weder, Uwe Breitenbucher, Kalman Kepes,
Frank Leymann, Michael Zimmermann
Technology-Agnostic Declarative Deployment
Automation of Cloud Applications
Michael Wurster, Uwe Breitenbucher, Antonio Brogi, Lukas Harzenetter, Frank Leymann and Jacopo Soldani
Blockchain-Based Healthcare Workflows in
Federated Hospital Clouds
Armando Ruggeri, Maria Fazio, Antonio Celesti and Massimo Villari
Monitoring Behavioral Compliance with
Architectural Patterns based on Complex Event
Christoph Krieger, Uwe Breitenbucher, Michael Falkenthal, Frank Leymann, Vladimir Yussupov and Uwe Zdun
Towards Real-Time Monitoring of Data Centers using Edge Computing Brian Setz and Marco Aiello
Modeling Users’ Performance: Predictive Analytics in an IoT Cloud Monitoring System Rosa Di Salvo, Antonino Galletta, Orlando Marco Belcore and Massimo Villari
Multi-Source Distributed System Data for
AI-powered Analytics
Sasho Nedelkoski, Jasmin Bogatinovski, Ajay Kumar Mandapati, Soeren Becker, Jorge Cardoso and Odej Kao
Blockchain- and IPFS-based Data Distribution
for the Internet of Things
Simon Krejci, Marten Sigwart and Stefan Schulte

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Paper Title Authors
Quality Management of Infrastructure Code in Serverless Computing: The RADON Approach  Stefano Dalla Palma, Martin Garriga, Dario Di Nucci, Damian Andrew Tamburri and Willem-Jan Van Den Heuvel
5G-CARMEN: Service Continuity in 5G-Enabled Edge Clouds Nabil El Ioini, Claus Pahl, Hamid R. Barzegar and Van Thanh Le
Services Computing for Cyber-Threat Intelligence: The ANITA Approach Daniel De Pascale, Giuseppe Cascavilla, Damian A. Tamburri and Willem-Jan van den Heuvel
Quality Assurance of Heterogeneous Applications: The SODALITE Approach Indika Kumara, Giovanni Quattrocchi, Damian Tamburri and Willem-Jan Van Den Heuvel
 Intelligent Monitoring of Virtualized Services Thanasis Tziouvaras and Kostas Kolomvatsos
FogProtect: Protecting Sensitive Data in the Computing Continuum Dhouha Ayed, Eva Jaho, Clemens Lachner, Zoltan Man, Robert Seidl and Mike Surridge