Accepted Papers

Accepted Paper

Paper TitleAuthors
Pattern-Based Resolution of Integration Mismatches in Enterprise ApplicationsJacopo Soldani, Riccardo Paoletti and Antonio Brogi
Secure Partitioning of Composite Cloud ApplicationsAlessandro Bocci, Roberto Guanciale, Stefano Forti, Gian-Luigi Ferrari and Antonio Brogi
Upilio: Leveraging the Serverless Paradigm for Building a Versatile IoT Application Markus Mock and Stefan Arlt
 A Systematic Comparison of IoT Middleware Florian Held, Philipp Schauz and Jörg Domaschka
MAAF: Self-Adaptive Memory Optimization for Serverless FunctionsTetiana Zubko, Anshul Jindal, Mohak Chadha and Michael Gerndt
Dynamic Threshold Setting for VM MigrationAbdul Rahman Hummaida, Norman Paton and Rizos Sakellariou
Improving the Key Exchange Process of the eXtended Triple Diffie-Hellman Protocol with BlockchainA. Ruggeri, M. Villari
Towards Data Governance for Federated Machine LearningJ. A. Peregrina Pérez, G. Ortiz, C. Zirpins

Accepted Short Paper

Paper TitleAuthors
 Towards a Quality Model for Cloud-native Applications Robin Lichtenthäler and Guido Wirtz
A Decentralized Service Control framework for Decentralized Applications in Cloud Environments Bram Hoogenkamp, Siamak Farshidi, Ruyue Xin, Zeshun Shi, Peng Chen and Zhiming Zhao